Delivery & Payment


Able Plastics will send products Australia wide and to any destination in the world.

Delivery Charges within Australia

Deliveries to businesses within Australia incur a fixed delivery charge per order as follows;

  • New South Wales $11 including GST
  • Northern Territory $22 including GST
  • Queensland $11 including GST
  • South Australia $11 including GST
  • Tasmania $11 including GST
  • Victoria $11 including GST
  • Western Australia $11 including GST

Note: Unless alternative arrangements are made, all deliveries will be made via road courier.

International Delivery Charges

For destinations outside of Australia, Able Plastics will calculate your international delivery charge based on the weight and volume of your order.

Able Plastics will confirm this charge with you via email and will require you to accept this charge via return email. Able Plastics require payment for the product and the delivery charge before we send the order.

Product availability

If you select a number of products and one of them cannot be delivered until later, we will call you to confirm what action to take.

Payment Options

Able Plastics provide the following options for payment:

  1. Credit Card accepts the following credit cards:

    • Visa,
    • Amex,
    • Diners Club, and
    • Mastercard.

    All credit card details are encrypted during processing.

  2. Offline Payment

    If you would prefer to pay over the phone or via fax a page will appear with the details of your order.

    Print this page out and choose your preferred payment option.

  3. Fax

    Fax the printed purchase order, together with payment details to:

    • 03 9820 5939 within Australia or
    •  +61 3 9820 5939 Internationally
  4. Credit Card Over the Phone

    You can talk to one of our Customer Service team who will take your order and credit card details over the phone:

    • 03 9863 3331 within Australia or
    • +61 3 9863 3331 Internationally

    Please note: your order will not be dispatched until your payment has been cleared.


After paying online, you will be presented with a confirmation screen containing your receipt number. This page can be printed for your reference. You will also be sent an email confirming this receipt number as soon as your order has been finalised.


Please allow up to 4 days for delivery. All prices are quoted in Australian Dollars.  In the rare situation that  you receive faulty items, please call us to discuss, under nearly all circumstances you will receive a credit note or refund.  Prices published on the site include GST.



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